Launches Forms Library
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Legal content meta site has launched a new forms library at

In an e-mail to LawGuru newsletter subscribers, site principal Bahman Eslamboly, anounced the site's new "library of 200+ free legal forms and business letters covering many different categories."

Simple forms ranging from Powers of Attorney to Employment Agreements are available free. Some forms are available for what the site describes as "a small payment." (These charges range from $10-$12, with forms coming from the "Premium" library of

Additionally, the site features a number of simple business letters ranging from letters to be sent to employees regarding absenteeism, to letters of termination.

The site also carries the folowing caveat: "These forms are only a starting point and should not be used without consulting an attorney first. These forms may not be valid in your state, country or part of the world. Be careful."

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