LexisONE Offers Online Access to Shephard's
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January 5, 2011: See this update for new pricing for Shephardizing online.

Attorneys Can Now 'Shephardize' Online

For those who need to check the validity of their citations, the cost of subscribing to a citation service (e.g. Lexis, Shephard's or Westlaw's Key Cite) on an annual basis may be prohibitive. But, failing to validate citations before submitting a brief to the Court is a malpractice suit waiting to happen. One alternative to an annual subscription is to use your credit card with lexisOne.com's "pay-as-you-go" Shephard's citation service for $4.25 per citation.

But, an even better solution is to batch your citation validations and "rent" the Lexis Shephard's database for a specific time period to check all your citations at once. For instance, you can access the full Shephard's Citations Service for twenty-four hours for just $32, and if you need more time than that, then rent the service for one week ($52) or one month ($107). Shephard's allows you to easily validate your case citations by reviewing each case's direct history (e.g. affirmed or reversed, etc.) and indirect history (overruled, harmonized, distinguished, etc.). You'll also be able to expand your research by finding cases that have cited to your case (or cases).

In addition, law review articles and statutes can be shephardized.

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