Browser Extension Tells You if Books From Amazon Available at Your Library
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Library Extension is a free add-on to the Google Chrome Web browser that informs you if a book you have searched for at is available from your public library.

Library Extension

Once installed, you must select your library (if available) from the list of supported libraries. (Be sure to click the green "plus sign" button to add your selection to your list.) You can add more than one library to your preference list.

Library extension 2

Library Extension connects to more than 800 library collections in 48 states and the District of Columbia, six Canadian provinces, and two Australian states.

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Once installed and configured, if a book you've searched for at is available at one of your preferred libraries, an indicator will appear on the upper right-hand side of the browser window, indicating the number of copies and formats available.

Library Extension 3

Clicking the "Borrow" button takes you directly to the library's catalog.




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