Offers FREE Newsletter for Attorneys Using Macintosh Computers
Share this offers a FREE newsletter for all attorneys who use (or are considering buying) a Macintosh computer in their legal practice. The monthly newsletter contains tips on using the Macintosh, the latest Macintosh computer news, events, products for law office use, and special promotions for attorneys. Considered by many to be the premier Macintosh User Group for attorneys, the newsletter boasts over 4,700 law firms subscribed to MacAttorney!

The site, newsletter and and list are maintained by attorney and Mac expert Randy Singer, author of "The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office," published by the American Bar Association.

The site also features "The Law Office Software List for Macintosh Computers," a list of more than 170 Mac software titles available for law office use. While the list is not kept current, it can be a good place to get an idea of the law office applications available for the Mac. The list is broken down into nearly two dozen categories including litigation, document management, estate planning and hardware concerns such as networking. The latest information about software is available in the newsletter.

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