Mid-Western States Top Electronic Government Survey
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The Progress & Freedom Foundation has selected Illinois and Kansas as the states best-utilizing technology in their government. The determination is based on the results of the organization's survey, The Digital State 2001. The purpose of the survey is to asses "the progress made by state governments in the adoption and utilization of digital technologies to improve the delivery of government to their citizens." This marks the fourth consecutive year the foundation has conducted the survey.

The authors based their rankings on states' uses of technology in eight categories:

  • Electronic Commerce & Business Regulation
  • Taxation & Revenue
  • Social Services
  • Law Enforcement & The Courts
  • Digital Democracy
  • Management & Administration
  • Education
  • Geographic Information Systems/Transportation

The survey's Top 10 states were:

  1. Illinois (tied with Kansas)
  2. Maine (tied with Arizona)
  3. Kansas (tied with Illinois)
  4. New Jersey
  5. Washington
  6. Utah
  7. Maryland
  8. Ohio (tied with Michigan)
  9. Arizona (tied with Maine)
  10. Michigan (tied with Ohio)

The PFF's full report of the survey's results can be found online at The Digital State 2001. (PDF format requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)


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