New Journal of Digital Evidence Launches Online
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Utica (NY) College's Economic Crime Investigation Institute (ECII) and Computer Forensics Research and Development Center (CFRDC) have teamed up to launch the International Journal of Digital Evidence (IJDE).

Articles are peer reviewed by the publication's Editorial Board and/or by invited peer reviewers prior to publications.

"The [publication's] focus will be on research findings; advancement of new theories; discussions of evolving standards, validation methods, and certification processes based on scientific methods; presentations of key legal and legislative issues; reports on significant advances in technology; and analyses of innovative policies and practices in the digital evidence field," said Gary R. Gordon (editor) & John Leeson (associate editor) in their editor's message in the inaugural issue. Gordon is Executive Director of the ECII and Professor of Economic Crime Management at Utica College. Leeson is Associate Professor of Computer Science at the University of Central Florida and Assistant Director of the National Center for Forensic Science.

Articles in the first issue include:

  • "Digital Evidence: The Moral Challenge"
  • "An Historical Perspective of Digital Evidence: A Forensic Scientist’s View"
  • "Forensic Analysis in a Digital World"
  • "Proving the Integrity of Digital Evidence with Time"

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