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First Insight, LLC is a professional provider of due diligence, fraud prevention, and litigation support services. First Insight provides information acquired in a lawful and ethical manner and the analysis necessary for clients to identify, manage, and mitigate risks properly. LegalScholar.com - Directory of Legal Resource links. LRSI - Owned and staffed by experienced law librarians, LRSI offers live reference, e-mail reference and phone reference services to all legal professionals. American Language Service - American Language Services' translators and interpreters are fluent in a vast multitude of languages spoken around the globe. They have thousands of language experts, available on short notice to you, for every job no matter how large, or small, how complex or basic.

Other Law Firms of Interest

Tennessee Trial Lawyers Specializing in Civil & Criminal Defense - The Chattanooga law firm of Levitt & Levitt specializes in defending people in all types of criminal and civil cases thoughout Tennessee and Georgia.

Seattle Personal Injury Lawyers - Experienced legal representation for victims of serious injury and discrimination are available to help you at SeattlePersonalInjuryLawyers.com

Atlanta Trial Lawyers - The Atlanta, Georgia law firm of Allen L. Broughton, P.C. represents individuals in serious personal injury and wrongful death claims resulting from car or truck accidents, defective products, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect, premises accidents and toxic substances. Babcock Law Firm (Louisiana) - A results oriented firm serving the litigation and corporate needs of Louisiana businesses and individuals

Other Services for Lawyers

The Lawyer's Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet (Factual Research on the Internet for Attorneys) - This may be the most user-friendly online research book available for attorneys. Written especially for legal professionals, this newly revised and expanded edition is a complete, hands-on guide to the best sites, secrets, and shortcuts for conducting efficient research on the Web. Learn the nuances of search engines in order to formulate strategies for locating the information you need. Discover the distinction between the "visible" and "invisible" Web and how to find information on each. Learn the differences between legal research and fact-finding. Also, read real-world "war stories" of how Internet data has benefited other legal professionals.

AttorneyAve.com - Find legal employment. Legal professionals can search job listings for free.

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