QMAGS to Offer Downloadable Magazines
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QMAGS is set to offer exact copies of print magazines in a downloadable form. The digital versions, which will retain the exact same layout and design as their print counterparts, will be available only to those who pay for a separate digital subscription. The company promises a June 2001 launch, but no firm date is set. The publications will be delivered in the popular Adobe PDF format.

The digital magazines appear on users' screen two pages at a time, simulating the experience of reading the publication in print. These digital versions will also include all graphics and advertising included in the print versions. The two page display also maintains the effect of any two-page "spread" advertisements appearing in the magazine. QMAGS will also allow the magazines (or advertisers) to add audio, video or other multi-media enhancements not possible in the print versions of the publications.

MediaLife Magazine reports that QMAGS will offer Popular Mechanics, AD Age Global and two publications from CMP at launch.

The following publishers* participated in a recent QMAGS beta test:

It is not clear which other of these publishers will continue their relationship with QMAGS. Click here for a free sample of the downloadable magazine. (Beware though, this download can take up to 15 minutes with a 56Kbps modem and longer at 28.8K.) *Editor's note: These magazine titles are included to better identify the individual publishing companies and will not necessarily be available via QMAGS (except as specifically indicated).

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