Revised URLs for 6th Edition (revised) of "How to Use the Internet for Legal Business & Investigative Research"
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No matter how often we update "How to Use the Internet For Legal, Business & Investigative Research: A Guide for Legal Professionals," resources on the Internet change more often. Less than one month has passed since the introduction of the 6th edition (revised), but because web resources appear and disappear every day, there are already some sites listed in the book that have changed.

Owners should note:

6th Edition (revised)

FindLaw's FREE California Case Law Database - page 27- URL is now: (Previously, this resource had been listed on the front page of FindLaw, and then on the "California Resources" page. Recently, links to the free CA Case Law Database have been difficult to find on FindLaw. This new URL will take you directly to it.)

U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights - page 41- URL is now:

6th Edition (revised) available for purchase

Unlike others guides which present sites as little more than a list of links, this book offers tips on how to effectively use those sites and includes screen-shots to illustrate the step-by-step usage of many of the sites discussed.


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