Seller Offers Rare, Out-of-Print Books Via Internet
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The Advanced Book Exchange (ABE) has created a searchable database of the inventory of its network of more than 9000 independent booksellers. Combined, these booksellers hold more than 30 million books. This inventory is a mix of popular, mass market titles and rare, out-of-print, limited or first edition printings.

Users can search by author, title or keywords to find the title they need. Additionally, an asterisk (*) can be used as a trailing wildcard to truncate search terms ("Ste*" would stand in for "Stephen" or "Steven").

Returned results feature full records for books including, binding, cover type, ISBN, price and location of the bookseller who owns a particular copy. Results include entries for each seller holding copies of the requested book. Not all of ABE's booksellers are equipped for online purchases. A handy "E-Com" icon indicates where online purchases are possible. Otherwise a link to "order options" lists contact and payment information for those booksellers who are not set up for online sales.

The site also features a section specifically for librarians that includes useful recommendations geared toward library collection development, useful research and professional links, and a newsletter.

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