Six-Hour Internet For Lawyers Video-Seminar Available Online
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Internet For Lawyers has teamed with to make video and audio versions of our popular live Internet research MCLE seminar "Fact Finding on the Internet" available online.

In this six-hour program you will learn to unlock the wealth of factual information available on the Internet to help bolster your case or assist you in a client's transactions. From business and investigative information to financial data and news - itís all there waiting for you. You'll learn how to apply the best search strategies to find virtually anything including property records, information about non-public companies, historical stock quotes, even missing witnesses and expert testimony.

The program is available as a streaming video or video CD-ROM with the the PowerPoint presentation slides synchronized with the video presentation, or as an audio CD.

The seminar is currently eligible for CLE credit in the following jurisdictions:

  • California
  • Georgia

We expect to add more jurisdictions shortly.

The cost for the full six-hour course is only $269. Individual segments of are available for only $49 each. For more information about online MCLE see:

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