Web Site Audits for Attorneys
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Congratulations! Now that you have created your web site, your "cyber-office" is open for business. Potential clients can now visit your "cyber-office" 24 hours every day...how come they aren't?

The most informative web site in the world will do an attorney no good if potential clients cannot find it. Imagine opening a new law practice in the center of the city and putting no address or sign over the door. While the occasional visitor may wander in, it's unlikely you'll get much traffic from people looking for your specific legal expertise.

We Audit Your Existing Web Site to Examine

  • Findability
  • Usability
  • Use of Graphics, Flash & other non-text elements
  • Keywords in site text
  • Meta-tags
  • Search Engine Registration
  • Sites Linking to Your Site
  • Rankings in Returned Search Results

Case Study

Internet For Lawyers conducted a detailed audit of the web site of the Law Practice Management & Technology Section of the California State Bar. We found their web site to be missing a number of key elements that kept potential visitors from easily finding and/or using the site.

After redeveloping the site based on the audit's findings, we have increased the site's search engine placement to the top 10% of results when the site previously did not appear in search engine results at all. We have also helped make the site a more accessible resource to section members and non-members alike.

Internet For Lawyers now provides web development & maintenance services to the section on an ongoing basis.


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