Web Site Devlopment for Attorneys & Law Firms
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If you haven't moved onto the web yet, internet For Lawyers can help you build your first web site.

Unlike many web site designers, Internet For Lawyers approaches web development from a strategic marketing perspective rather than a purely design-driven perspective.

A potential client using the Internet to search for a lawyer does not want to see flashy graphics, animated site introductions, or to wade through numerous pages before they get to information that is useful to them.

If a prospective client does a Yahoo search for a "lawyer," they will find more than a quarter MILLION web page results. Recognize any of those names? Narrowing the search a bit, let's say for a "divorce lawyer," shortens that list down to a still unmanageable 47,000 web pages. Even "divorce lawyer" and "Los Angeles" returns more than 250 results.

An Internet For Lawyers developed web site is designed to maximize the probability that a prospective client can easily find and use your web site.

Internet For Lawyers can show you how we are able to come up at the top of the results, of more than 700 returned, in a Yahoo search as broad as "online MCLE" (click here to see for yourself) or nearly 85,000 results in a search for "online marketing for lawyers" (click here for those results).

Web Development Includes:

  • Writing and Editing Keyword-Rich Text Content
  • Creating Custom Meta-data for all Pages
  • HTML Coding of all Pages
  • ftp Uploading of all Pages to Web Servers
  • Coordinating/initiating Web Hosting Service
  • Research/secure Domain Name


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