Yahoo Announces Video E-mail Service
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Internet portal juggernaut Yahoo! announced a new video e-mail service that would allow attorneys to share video testimony, accident scene visits or any other video material with clients, co-counsel or opposing counsel.

No conrete release date has been announced. Additionally, Yahoo! has not announced whether the service will be free, or fee-based.

Under terms of the agreement, SpotLife will provide video e-mail technology and service for Yahoo! Mail. The service is designed to enable Yahoo! Mail users to easily record video with a PC video camera, or upload video already existing on their PC. Recipients of the video e-mails will need Windows media player to watch video e-mails. The service is only planned to support the Windows operating system.

The video will automatically be compressed and uploaded for sending. Recipients of a video e-mail receive a notification message containing a link to a Web page to view the video through the SpotLife Player. The companies claim the service will work well with any speed internet connection.

"We believe this new feature will provide Yahoo! Mail users with a unique new way to communicate with family, friends and business associates," said Lisa Pollock, director of Messaging Products for Yahoo!.

SpotLife has developed a private label video publishing and delivery platform that allows organizations to offer end-users the ability to easily create, publish, share and view live or recorded videos. The company has also partnered with Compaq, Kensington, Logitech, Philips Electronics and Xirlink, on other projects.


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