Update to “New Relationship Report in TLOxp”
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In an earlier post, we reported that TLOxp announced a forthcoming “Relationship Report,” which allows subscribers to simultaneously run one report comparing the assets (typically this refers only to real property and vehicles—not bank accounts or stocks) and showing other connections between two subjects. Pricing had not been announced at that time. Now that we have tried out the Relationship Report, taking advantage of the Feb.15-29, 2016 free promotion, we can inform you of the pricing and offer our opinion about the Report.

First, to pricing: A report comparing two subjects is priced at $19. You can add additional subjects at $3 per subject. The price of the interactive diagram showing the connections is $2. Note: You will first have to run a $2 search for each subject (to select the correct subject) and then add that subject to your Favorites folder.

Second, to our opinion: We’re on the fence. Our two subjects had nothing in common according to the Relationship Report.

TLO Relationship Report

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However, when we manually compared subject one’s and subject two’s comprehensive reports to each other, we noticed that people with subject two’s last name appeared in the possible associates, possible relatives, and neighbors sections of subject one’s report. Although these names did not appear in subject two’s comprehensive report, it is still conceivable there could be a connection between my two subjects. We would prefer to see these types of possibilities in the Relationship Report so we could at least have the chance to explore further, either by more research or simply asking my two subjects (via interrogatories or at deposition) about their relationship with the people in question.

To read the brief Relationship Report user guide, see http://linkon.in/tloxpnewrelationship.

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