LexisNexis Redesigns LexisONE
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LexisNexis Redesigns LexisONE.com

LexisNexis has redesigned its free LexisONE.com portal. The site's home page now offers a more text-driven approach to navigation - making the site's features such as case law searching and its forms library easier to find. The main page also serves as more of a billboard for the "pay as you go" access to Lexis that LexisNexis has been marketing to small firms and solos than LexisOne's previous incarnation.

When conducting free case law research on the redesigned site, registered users can now easily return to the list of search results after clicking on any case in the results list. Previously, access to free cases was offered back to January 1996, but now only cases back to January 1997 are available.

The new and improved LexisONE is also more forthcoming about what the "enhanced" services from Lexis cost. Where the site previously displayed a link stating "charges may apply" if users wanted to Shepardize a case or run the same search on Lexis, the redesigned lexisOne now clearly lists the prices for these services ($4.25 and $9.00 respectively).

LexisONE also now features "Headline Legal News" from Lexis, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe, among other sources. Other resources such as LexisONE's legal web directory, state legal resource directory and online bookstore are all more clearly visible on the new site.

To read more about LexisONE's functionality, see these articles:

Additionally, LexisONE has posted a chart comparing LexisONE services to pay Lexis.

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