Google Enhances News Search
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Google has enhanced its news-specific search capability. The News Search (still in "beta test" mode) collects news stories from sources around the world - updating them continuously throughout the day. The News Search home page lists news in a variety of categories (including "Headline News," "World News," "US News," "Business News," "Entertainment News," etc.) - in a directory style.

Within those categories, stories are grouped together by subject, with stories from multiple sources - covering the same news subject - in sub-groups.

A recent search for "american taliban" returned over 200 results. The first result included a story from the Pakistan News Service that carried the identifier "less than 5 hours ago" indicating the up-to-date nature of the search results. Under the first result were related news stories from other publications around the world.

A sampling of other sources include:

  • BBC
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • CNN
  • Hindustan Times
  • Miami Herald
  • Jordan Times
  • Raleigh News & Observer (Nando Times)
  • San Jose Mercury News
  • Sporting News

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