Ten-K Wizard Ends Free Access to SEC Data
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The best, real-time, full-text searchable access to SEC filings is no longer free. 10-K Wizard has announced that it will now charge an annual subscription fee of $99.95/year to access its database of filings. The site is offering users who subscribe now this guaranteed rate for two years, regardless of increases for newer subscribers as time goes by. 10-K Wizard also offers discounts to companies/law firms, and teachers/students.

Non-subscribers still have access to the 10-K Wizard search engine to search the full-text of SEC filings (in real time); however they cannot view or download the filings - they can only see what forms have been filed. However, since one can still conduct free, full-text searches on 10-K Wizard, I recommend that searchers continue to use 10-K for searching and then take the results to FreeEdgar.com's company name/ticker symbol search to locate and retrieve the document itself for free. It may be a bit cumbersome to use two sites where one used to do it for you, but combining the two sites does result in being able to search full text in real time and retrieve the full document.

This announcement comes after other sites, including Company Sleuth and Free Edgar also cut back on some of the free services they offer. July 8, 2002: The SEC has added free real-time access to EDGAR filings.

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