United States Government Offers Health/Human Services Portal
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HealthFinder, the government's new, free guide to consumer health and human services information, offers a searchable index of "carefully reviewed health information" from over 1,800 government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and universities. The site was developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with other Federal agencies.

On the left side of the site's home page, users can browse the "Health Library" by topics that include: "Diseases & Conditions," "Wellness & Prevention," "Alternative Medicine," and "Featured" or "All" topics. Each of these categories brings up a browseable list of sub-categories (click on a letter of the alphabet to browse sub-categories beginning with that letter). Clicking on "Diseases & Conditions; then J; then Joint Disease" brought up a list of links related to various joint diseases, including Arthritis (Osteo- and Rhuematoid), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and Inflammatory Myopathies among others.

On the home page's right side, Healthfinder's "Organizations" category presents a browseable list of sub-categories similar to the sub-category arrangement mentioned above. Clicking on "Organizations; then D; then Drinking Water" brought up a list of links to federal and local government resources, as well as citizens' and other non-profit groups, related to clean and safe drinking water.

Healthfinder also offers a list of "Special Resources," including "Medical Encyclopedia," "Medical Journals" and "Prescription Drug Information" among other categories.

The site also presents information geared towards children and a version of the full site is also available in Spanish.

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