State Bar of Texas Offers Members More Access to Free Legal Research
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Texas attorneys now have free access to the two largest nationwide legal research services - Casemaker and Fastcase - as a benefit of membership in the State Bar of Texas.

With this new agreement with Fastcase, Texas attorneys are the first to receive access to both Fastcase and Casemaker as a free benefit of their membership in the Bar.

Texas Bar legal research databases

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The State Bar of Texas had previously offered its members free access to Casemaker. Texas attorneys will continue to receive free access to the Casemaker legal research service, along with expanded premium Casemaker services at no cost.

Carole Levitt's new book, Internet Legal Research on a Budget, contains chapters detailing how to use Casemaker and Fastcase most effectively.

“We are thrilled to offer this free research tool as an additional benefit to Texas attorneys alongside our popular Casemaker service,” Trey Apffel, 2014-15 State Bar of Texas president said in a press release announcing the agreement. “Part of our mission at the State Bar of Texas is to provide superior online resources and benefits to members which help them better serve their clients. We believe this agreement helps us achieve that.”

Lawyers in 48 states and the District of Columbia have access to free caselaw research as a member benefit via either Casemaker or Fastcase. Only California and Delaware do not offer such access.

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