White House Re-Launches Official Web Site
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Clinton-Era Sites Still Available

When President Bush took office, a new (less robust) web site replaced the Internet presence developed during the Clinton-Gore era. Recently, the White House re-launched the Bush web site. The new White House site offers easy to navigate access to current news, policy information, press releases and briefings, Presidential nominations and the text of the President's major speeches and radio addresses. Major Presidential initiatives on education, tax relief, defense and Social Security, among others each have their own clickable heading on the site's front door.

The White House also offers a version of the site in Spanish. Users of the Spanish-language site should use the text navigation links on the left-hand side of the web site. The navigation graphic at the top of the pages points back to the English-language version.

Additionally, the National Archive & Records Administration (NARA) has preserved Internet web sites from the Clinton presidency. As part of NARA's "Clinton Presidential Materials Project," the Archive has preserved five searchable online versions of the Clinton-era web sites. The project includes static "snap-shots" of the White House web sites as they existed at various times from November 1995 through the January 2001 inauguration of President Bush. The material was initially preserved by the White House and subsequently turned over to the National Archive. Some of the images and/or links in those preserved sites may not function. Additionally NARA has made a fully searchable "Virtual Library" of Clinton-era material (released between January 20, 1993 through mid-January, 2001) available, including:

  • Executive Orders
  • press briefings
  • radio addresses
  • other White House publications


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