Internet Legal Research Update - December 2002
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December 2002

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  • January 10 - Discover the Internet - (Los Angeles)
  • January 16 - Cybersleuthing How to Find Anything on Anybody - (San Francisco)
  • January 18-Super Search Strategies & Super Search Engines - (Berkeley)
  • January 24 - Discover the Internet - (San Francisco)


1. CLE Course Can Help Build Revenue
2. Internet For Lawyers Adds Substance Abuse MCLE Quiz Online
3. Courts Move to Regulate Public Records Online
4. CEB Offers California Attorneys Case and Opinion Summaries
5. ChoicePoint Acquires VitalChek
6. Site Offers License Plates Images
7. Protect Your Privacy Online
8. Updated Resource URLs
9. More Tips
10. Subscribe/Unsubscribe
11. Advertising
12. Redistribution

1. CLE Course Can Help Build Revenue

Attorneys can learn new revenue generating methods in this CLE presentation they can "attend" from their own office. See

2. Internet For Lawyers Adds Substance Abuse Credit to its Online Participatory MCLE Quizzes

Internet For Lawyers has added a new online, participatory MCLE quiz to satisfy the one hour "Detection, Prevention and Treatment of Substance Abuse" MCLE requirement for California attorneys. See

3. Courts Move to Regulate Public Records Online

State and Federal Courts are working to balance the right to privacy v. the need to know with regards to the availability of public records on the Internet. See:

4. CEB Offers California Attorneys Case and Opinion Summaries

California's Continuing Education of the Bar (CEB) offers a daily e-mail service summarizing a variety of court and agency decisions/ opinions. See: Get your own copy of the book that Dan Harmon, Editor of the West Group's The Lawyer's PC "Definitely recommended for the legal researcher's bookshelf."

5. ChoicePoint Acquires VitalChek

Public information vendor ChoicePoint Acquires vital record vendor VitalChek. See:

6. Site Offers License Plates Images

WorldLicensePlates offers images of license plates from around the world. See Find out how the American Bar Association's "Attorney & Law Firm Guide to Practicing Law" by Ed Poll can help you:

  • Be more successful.
  • Be more profitable.
  • Attract more clients.
  • Have your clients pay on time.
  • Have greater control of your practice.

Click here


7. Protect Your Privacy Online

There are many ways your computer can divulge information about you and your web surfing habits. See how you can better protect your personal data. See:

8. Updated Resource URLs

Owners of the 6th edition of "How to Use the Internet for Legal, Business & Investigative Research" should note these new URLs for a number of resources included in that volumes. See:

9. Want more Internet Legal Research Tips??

Go to for additional articles, features and tips for conducting more effective legal, business & investigative research on the Internet.

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You can reach Internet For Lawyers' audience of thousands of professionals every month by advertising in our newsletter and web site. Contact our sales representatives at Legal Opt-In.

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