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  • Author-Speaker Carole Levitt Named One of the 'Women You Need to Know: In Law and Technology'
    04/24/2015 - 10:40
    Author/speaker Carole Levitt has been recognized by the American Bar Association’s Law Technology Today publication as one of the “Women You Need to Know: In Law and Technology.” The article serves as a resource list of “women who write and speak about legal technology” for those who might otherwise express a difficulty in finding such women. More generally, the article serves as a resource for...

  • The 'Death' of Willie Nelson, Judd Nelson, Eddie Murphy, Jeff Goldblum, et al | The Importance of Verifying Sources on the Internet
    04/11/2015 - 19:54
    by: Mark Rosch Note this story was first posted in 2010. Updated April 12, 2015.   Despite widely shared reports on the Internet, neither Willie Nelson nor Judd Nelson are dead. Upon closer investigation, the site that hosts the Willie Nelson story appears to have no other pages that the one with the false story about singer Willie Nelson's supposed death. It IS...

  • Microsoft Killing Internet Explorer Web Browser
    03/17/2015 - 13:10
    Microsoft will be replacing it's once market-leading Web browser Internet Explorer. Starting with the release of Windows 10, a new browser, currently code-named "Project Spartan" will be the default browser. According to the announcement on Microsoft's IEBlog, "Spartan is a single browser designed to work great across the entire Windows 10 device family - from keyboard...

  • Microsoft Releases Free Preview of Office 2016 for Mac
    03/05/2015 - 15:47
    Microsoft has released a free preview version of Office 2016 for Mac. The fully-functional preview software software is available for download. According to Microsoft, users of the preview will "receive regular updates automatically until the official release in the second half of 2015." The suite boasts a redesigned ribbon that includes "your favorite cross-...

  • Google Quietly Extends Coverage Range of Google News Database
    03/02/2015 - 11:28
    Google News results have always been limited to the most recent thirty days of news content. Google has recently extended the coverage range of sources returned in Google News search results to include much older content. Like so many of Google's product changes, this one was made without fanfare, announcement, or documentation of any kind.  Recent Google News test searches (like the...

  • Yahoo! and Bing Make Changes to Their Exclusionary Search Connector
    02/12/2015 - 22:17
    Bing has made two significant changes in the way it handles and recognizes search connectors to exclude keywords/phrases or entire domains from search results. The changes also effect Yahoo, because Yahoo Search is powered by Bing.          (function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; po.src...

  • South Carolina Bans Social Media for State Employees
    02/11/2015 - 03:06
    Effective July 2015, South Carolina state employees will be covered by a new Code of Conduct. Aside from the usual types of restrictions barring state employees from "us[ing] state resources for their private business or financial gain" or "use state personnel, equipment, materials, or facilities for political campaigns", the new South Carolina State Employee Code of Conduct...

  • Prezi Launches App to Create Photo Movies
    02/11/2015 - 02:32
    Prezi, the online presentation platform has launched Nutshell - a new visual app that allows users to combine their photos, text captions, and preset animations into easily-shareable mini-movies. To create these mini-movies, users take three photos in succession; the app then combines and animates them into a movie sequence. Users can also add custom text and graphics, as well as pre-defined...

  • New Minnesota Expungement Law Allows for Sealing of Certain Criminal Records
    02/01/2015 - 01:44
    A new Minnesota criminal-record expungement law allows people convicted of misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and some nonviolent felonies to ask a judge to seal their criminal records.   Once expunged, record of those convictions would no longer be available to members of the public or prospective employers requesting Minnesota Public Criminal History reports. Law enforcement agencies,...

  • North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, South Carolina, and California In-Person MCLE Seminars
    01/12/2015 - 00:41
    Since 1999, Internet For Lawyers has provided law firms, corporations, corporate legal departments and local and state Bar Associations around the country with professional and entertaining turn-key CLE programs teaching legal professionals to use the Internet more effectively for business, legal and investigative research. Company principals, Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch will present the...

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